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Beat the Heat This Summer with a High-Efficiency AC System

Upgrading to a new high-efficiency AC is an investment that pays off through lower utility bills and improved comfort.

If your current air conditioner is over 10-12 years old, it's likely wasting a lot of energy attempting to fight the Tennessee heat and humidity. Outdated AC units simply can't match the cooling power and efficiency of today's modern, ENERGY STAR-certified solutions.

In this guide, we'll cover the benefits of replacing an aging AC system with a new high-efficiency model. We'll also share insider tips for choosing the ideal air conditioner for your home's needs from the cooling experts at Keith Powell Heating and Cooling.

The Hidden Costs of Running an Older AC Unit

Skyrocketing Energy Bills

As air conditioners age, their internal components deteriorate and cooling output drops dramatically compared to when the unit was new. Your older AC has to run longer cycles and work harder to overcome this inefficiency.

The harder your air conditioner has to labor, the more electricity it will consume. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, replacing a 10-year-old AC with a new high-efficiency unit could reduce your cooling costs by 20-40%!

Constant Repair Needs

In addition to higher utility bills, an aging AC also requires increasingly frequent and expensive repairs. Component failures become more common, from compressor burnouts to leaky coils, electrical issues, and fan malfunctions.

These recurring repair costs can quickly add up - money that could have been better invested into a new, more reliable cooling system.

Inconsistent Cooling & Hot Spots

Another problem older ACs struggle with is uneven cooling as parts degrade. Weak airflow can leave some rooms feeling warm and stuffy while others are over-cooled. Many temperature headaches can be solved with improved equipment sizing and installation.

In one recent service call, we found a homeowner's upstairs office never seemed to cool off properly during summer heatwaves - even when running the AC nonstop at maximum capacity. Their undersized 15-year-old unit simply couldn't meet the house's cooling load. After installing a properly-sized AC, that home office stayed a comfortable 72 degrees all summer!

Signs You Need a New High-Efficiency Air Conditioner

In general, any air conditioning system over a decade old is a prime candidate for replacement - especially if you've noticed any of these red flag issues:

  • Constantly running to maintain set temperatures
  • Frequent component breakdowns requiring repairs
  • Rooms that won't cool evenly or to your desired setting
  • Rising energy costs to operate the aging equipment
  • Excessive indoor humidity or air quality problems
  • Strange grinding, squeaking, or other concerning noises

Don't wait until your old AC finally gasps its last breath! With a professional system evaluation, Keith Powell Heating and Cooling can assess your home's cooling needs and make an expert product recommendation.

The Benefits of High-Efficiency AC Installation

When it comes time to purchase a new air conditioner, we always advise selecting one of the latest high-efficiency models from a trusted brand like Carrier. Here's why:

Better Energy Efficiency = Cost Savings

A high-efficiency AC is designed to provide optimal cooling performance while minimizing electricity usage - the perfect balance of comfort and affordability. Many ENERGY STAR units are over 15% more efficient than standard models for significant annual savings.

Quieter Operation & Longer Lifespan

With advanced insulation, vibration reduction, and components like variable-speed fans, high-efficiency ACs run remarkably quiet compared to older units. Top-quality manufacturing ensures extended system durability and lifespans too.

Smarter Cooling Technology

Innovations like multi-stage cooling, zoning, variable refrigerant flow, and integrated smart thermostat controls allow today's systems to optimized cooling output and efficiency 24/7. Precision temperature, airflow, dehumidification, and more - all at the push of a button.

Don't spend another summer sweltering with an inefficient air conditioner wasting energy and money. Keith Powell Heating and Cooling offers a wide range of flexible financing options to make upgrading your home's AC more affordable than you think!

HVAC Service You Can Trust in Knoxville

From proper system sizing and SEER rating selection to skilled installation and thermostat programming, many factors impact your AC's efficiency and effectiveness. Don't leave your home's cooling in inexperienced hands.